About the class

Bridging the Gap: Sketch and Theater With the commercial success of shows like Matt Cox’s Puffs, Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson’s Fucking Identical Twins, or even Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers’ Matt and Ben, there is a long tradition of comedic playwriting that relies on the fundamentals of sketch comedy. This course will guide you towards the development of a completed draft of a full-length play, through writing exercises, concrete deadlines, and weekly workshopping and feedback. Finding that sweet spot of long-form sketch and playwriting, we’ll touch on the core tenets of playwriting and sketch, including character, dramatic structure, juxtaposition, heightening, parody, development of personal voice and more. This class is great for any sketch writer looking to branch out and write a play, for any playwright wanting to hone their comedic craft or any weirdo with a funny idea they’re not quite sure what to do with.

Writers should come to the workshop with an idea for a show in mind.

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  May 1- June 5  Catya McMullen
  6 sessions   Tuesdays 7-10pm   299 More Info