Screenwriting Intensive

About the class

In this intensive, we’ll uncover the building blocks of what makes a screenplay. This is a crash course for anyone who thinks they have a great idea for a screenplay but doesn't know where to start.  Topics covered will be nuts-and-bolts screenplay formatting (it’s important!), scene structure, story arc, and dialogue. By the end of this intensive, you'll have a better understanding of what makes a screenplay work on the sub-atomic level. We will also discuss what makes a story compelling? Satisfying? What makes a story stick with an audience long after the film, television show, or novel is complete? We will examine the elements of Betrayal, Duty, Lies, Desire, Sacrifice, Redemption, and more as we not only discover the source of engaging stories but also how to tell these stories in the most dynamic way possible. We'll spend the second half of the class putting our new skills to the test, and you will begin crafting and workshopping your own stories. 

 You will leave the class not only with a better understanding of the conventions of story, but also an understanding of screenwriting and with the first 5-10 pages of a great, compelling, original story in the medium (film, TV, web) of your choosing.

Students enrolled in the class will receive a special code to purchase Final Draft for $99.

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