Online Women+ Stand-Up Workshop

Tuesday 4/13 – Tuesday 5/18

Instructor: Christi Chiello

This course is designed to give women+ the opportunity to securely develop their comedy chops in a safe, engaging & supportive environment. Classes will serve as a laboratory for creating original stand-up material while discovering your truth and voice. Students will learn how to translate their ideas into a crafted 5 minute set through proper joke structure, writing & editing techniques, all while developing a commitment to their own, unique sense of humor! Students are encouraged to experiment outside their comfort zone and take risks by being specific, vulnerable and having a strong point of view. This class is NOT anti-male nor should it be used to surpass months of open mics. But it will give you the tools you need to both build confidence in the choices you make & in your creative ideas on and off the stage. Course is open to all levels & beginners are welcome!

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