About the class

You know that being connected to the body is important for the actor. So is being connected to the breath. But do you know how to develop your own mind-body-breath connection? Do you know how to strengthen your body and breath in order to use them in service of your craft?

Yoga and Breathwork for the Actor will help you effectively and efficiently take control of the mind-body-breath connection in order to boost your performance in the audition room, on the stage, and in front of the camera. After 2 in-depth yoga-based practices focused on the mind-body and mind-breath connections, you will learn 3 practical, 10-minute yoga sequences to ground you in the present moment, using your body and breath.  Each routine will focus on addressing one of several common problems we face in the entertainment industry (and the rest of life!): anxiety, inability to focus, and lack of energy. Yoga specialist Elle Felkner developed these combinations of breath, body, and meditation exercises based on her own experience as an actress and yoga therapist, as well current scientific research. You will leave with a set of skills you can use in a variety of situations, as well as a greater appreciation of your body, breath, and mind!