About the show

A terrifying presence is targeting the teenagers of Elm Avenue in their dreams. Will one enterprising young lady find a way to escape? Maybe. Will she sing about it? Definitely.

From the creators of THAT 80'S TIME TRAVEL MOVIE, STEEL PETUNIAS, GHOSTBLASTERS, and THE HUNGRY HUNGRY GAMES, The PIT is thrilled to bring you A BAD DREAM ON ELM AVENUE for two performances ONLY!

This brand-new unauthorized musical parody of Wes Craven's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is the fifth new musical in The PIT's wildly popular UNAUTHORIZED! series.

UNAUTHORIZED! takes well known movies, selected by and voted on by their fans, and turns them into fully realized, off-broadway caliber musical parodies, with a completely original book, lyrics and music, in about a month.

Featuring PIT all-stars Kathleen Armenti as Nancy, Nikita Burdein as Glen, Natalie Sullivan as Tina, Kevin MacLean as Rod, Julie Feltman as Marge, and Pat Swearingen as Freddy Krueger, A BAD DREAM ON ELM AVENUE promises to be a night you will remember for a long, long time. In your dreams!