About the show

Do I see you shiver with antici..

Give Yourself Over to Absolute Pleasure for this Halloween pre-game (aka the weekend before halloweekend) for the annual Rocky Whorer Pit-ure Show.

Let's do The Time Warp again! Come find out what will happen when a gaggle of comedians attempt to salute this cult classic. Costumes, call lines, and other outward demonstrations of your inner freak are strongly encouraged.

The Love Bar will be open for business before, during and after the show. There are no excuses for not joining this party.

Chris O'Neil will host the pre-show starting at 11:30pm and the movie will start at Midnight SHARP.

Your October 2015 Rocky Whorer Shadow Cast:

Frank: Julie A Feltman Janet: Amelia Bienstock Rocky: Connor Grant Lyons Brad: Langston Belton Riff Raff: Josh Krebs Magenta: Adrian Sexton Columbia: Bella-Carolina Zinca Eddie: Stephanie Holmes Dr. Scott: Jason Specland Criminologist: William Thorne Transylvanians: A bunch of amazing people that are TBA!