About the show

The Academy Awards has a race problem.  It’s big.  But the four black actors in Room 4 aren’t particularly concerned with that, because they have a much bigger problem at hand.  They’ve just realized they’re stuck in a time loop, auditioning for the same “Drug Dealer #2” role over and over. What once felt like a messed-up metaphor has become a literal existential nightmare. Get them out of there.

Marina & Nicco’s new play, Room 4, is like “Waiting for Godot” meets “A Chorus Line” meets “Groundhog’s Day” meets “the real-life experience of virtually every black actor in America.”

It’s funny, but a little angry, but mostly funny.

Anthony Franqui
John King
Odera Adimorah
Richard "Big Rich" Armstead
Temesgen Tocruray
Tristan Griffin
Tom Powers
Alejandro Kolleeny