About the show

"6 civilized plays. 1 civilized evening." A provocative new dark comedy series premiering at the Loft.

Created by Gregor Collins
​Produced by Gregor Collins and Sofya Weitz

Music Direction and Live Performance by Cellist Caleigh Drane Plays

Written By: Katie Fabel, Gregor Collins, Tom Nieboer, Scott Klavan, and Sofya Weitz. Plays

Directed By: Jason Jacobs, Sophie Parens, Scott Klavan, and Nina Fry.

With Melissa Wolff, Pooya Mohseni, Michael Galligen, Marshall Louise, Mike Fink, Victoria Mythril, Karsten Otto, Mike Lacy, Thomas Muccioli, Emily Ashenden, Julian Thomas, Sarah Elizabeth Hewitt, Craig Arthur Batchker, Hershey Miller, Joseph Sexton, Laura Spadanuta, Jacob Brandt, Serena Berman, Marina Barry, Tom Bozell, Lawton Paseka, and Matthew K. Sears.