About the show

Hot date? Not a lot of dollars in your pocket? Come to the Really, Really Cheap Date Show! $5. No drink minimum. Ever. Did you know that comedy is an aphrodisiac?

Featuring the sexy stand up stylings of Will Purpura!

Blindhæd is an improv comedy grpup that performs all over New York City. The members of Blindhæd met in a brutal knife fight on the streets of NYC. After the chaos amd bloodshed ended they discovered a shared passion of long form improv and started performing a monthly show at Triple Crown Bar and Grill. Give us a suggestion if you like to giggle. Blindhæd is Keith Bethea, Jessica Frith, Colleen Smith, Toby Scales, David Elmy.

Noice! delivers high energy in your face hip hop improv with a side of enlightenment

Brown/Ronny is like the cream in an Oreo cookie, delightful and amazing. Brown/Ronny is Mike Brown and Ronny Pascale.