About the show

Watch Video. Make Dance. Go for Gold. 

Finally, a dance competition to put an end to all dance competitions. Come watch as our fabulously costumed contestants compete in creating dance inspired by some of the funniest and bizarre videos from the internet.  We all watch the video. Contestants have 3 minutes to create and then perform their dance. 

Then some of the cities most nit-picky and judgiest dance judges award scores. 

Highest scoring team takes all. 

"Did RuPaul and Pee Wee just remake So You Think You Can Dance?" -audience member

With aerobics, burlesque and a sing-a-long “Dancify That!” will entertain your chassez off.

Serious Comedy. Serious Dance. Serious Fun.

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  • Chris Duffy
  • Ashley Brooke Roberts
  • Will Miles

Performer/Contestant List

  • Jeff Seal
  • Chris Manley
  • Krissy Harris
  • Andy Jacobs
  • Donna Wood
  • Emily Asaro
  • Woody Fu
  • Will Appleman
  • Anna Grace Kelly
  • Jamie Roach
  • Shlomit Oren
  • Savannah (Too Blondes)
  • Chase (Too Blondes)


  • Olney Edmondson (videography for FB)
  • Laura Been (stagehand)
  • Chelsea Villematic (stagehand)
  • Sarah Peterseil (time keeper)
  • Ellen Maynard (videography)
  • Quentin Burley (videography)
  • Maira Duarte (videography)
  • Courtney Boyd (stagehand)
  • Morgan Shortell (photographer)
  • Show Biz Liz (sing-a-long)
  • Natalie Weiss (DJ)
  • Deb Lohse (MC)



More Dates
Dancify That! Sat 3/10/18 10:00pm   Striker on E 24th
Dancify That! Sat 5/12/18 10:00pm   Striker on E 24th