About the show

Every Monday night, check out our A+++ house team improvisers hammer out their brand of long-form improvisation! Come see this show, because what happens tonight will never, ever happen again!  Holy house teams, Batman!  It's SUPER FREE MONDAY!

MIRKWOOD is Heather Craig, Steven Hajar, Jason Scott-Quinn, Elizabeth Galalis, Mike Thevdt, Shelley Little, Alyson Cripps and Doug Voight. 

Each Monday at 7:00pm THE KISS GOODBYES emerge from their day jobs to perform long-form improv comedy, which they fell into after years of failing to break into scripted daytime drama. The closest they came to "making it" was when Anne Dixon told them to get off of her lawn. The Kiss Goodbyes are Becca Foresman, Matt Hammond, Dawn Harris, Max Hoover, Conor O'Brien, Reilly Owens, Becca Roth and Patrick Williams.