About the show

Uncle Function is a sketch comedy team comprised of Chris Cafero, Russell Daniels, Alex Fast, Jessica Frey, Douglas Goodhart and Gianmarco Soresi. 

This is a sketch team of serious actors. 

This sketch team can act. 

This sketch team can act the shit out of a sketch. 

One of the members of the sketch team has booked a national commercial. 

One of the members of the sketch team only does Shakespeare and sketch. So, you know, high brow. 

One of the members of Uncle Function will never actually be an uncle. And it isn't because of infertility. 

Uncle Function.


youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu9ZZGwRqkAT2Gq89KN55GQ


Opening Guest is Matt Gehring! Matt Gehring is a performer and director in NYC. Currently performing on Maude Night at UCBT-NY and a writer/performer in his puppet show also at UCBT-NY, Simon's Street.   You might have seen him on the third season of Louis CK's FX show Louie or on Netflix's The Characters.

More Dates
Uncle Function Fri 10/27/17 9:30pm   Striker on E 24th