About the show

Three storytellers, individually, share a true 5 minute story! After each individual story an improv team will immediately perform a set based on the story they just heard!

Our Featured Storytellers!

  • Gabrielle Schutz
  • Cathryn Lynne
  • Michelle Drozdick

Our Featured Improv Teams!

Batteries Not Included are:

  • Jason Logsdon
  • Kayla Mason
  • Kimberly Marcelino
  • Marissa Stuart
  • Christina Georgandis
  • Cristina Perdomo Oliveira
  • Donnie Hoover
  • PJ Bastura
  • Logan Rose Nelms

Queen of the Bees are:

  • Julie Cavaliere
  • Tiffany Dill
  • Kiran Jani
  • Julie Kann
  • Kaitlin Lee
  • Michael Short
  • Tim Stiefler
  • Kevin McNair

Thank You, Spaceman are:

  • Tiffany Dill
  • Sam Spyres
  • Lindsey Meyers
  • Alice Verderber 
  • Lizzy Newcombe 
  • Laura Newcombe 
  • Dillon Johnson 
  • Maura Beaton


More Dates
Tell Us Again! A Storytelling and Improv Show Tue 8/15/17 6:00pm   PIT Loft on W 29th