About the show

(mostly) TRUE THINGS is a game wrapped in a storytelling show with a side of music. Four storytellers share true stories, but 3 of them weave little white lies into the telling. The audience gets to ask questions of the storytellers - who are not obligated to tell the truth and can improvise their answers - then vote for the person they think told it straight. There are prizes involved, if you can believe a thing like that. With original songs written for the show. With original songs- the audience sings along - written for the show to set up each stage of the game and an improvised song summing up each story to introduce the audience interaction portion of the show.


Lou Perez is Head Writer for We The Internet TV, a political comedy news channel that won the 2017 Webby Award for the Best Variety in online film and TV. He also co-hosts the Unsafe Space podcast, and is half of the comedy due Greg and Lou, whose videos have amassed over 36 million vies and 91,000 subscribers on YouTube. You can follow Lou on Twisster @LOUontheSUBWAY

Michele Carlo has told stories across the U.S., including the MOTH’s GrandSlams and Mainstage in NYC, on NPR (with Latino USA), on PBS and is the author of "Fish Out of Agua," a memoir of growing up multi-culti in 1970s NYC. Michele also presents the "fish out of water" stories of many other artists on "Fish Out of Agua with Michele Carlo," her weekly show on internet freeform community radio station Radio Free Brooklyn. http://www.michelecarlo.com/ @Michele_asShell.

Sandi Marx is a retired talent agent, has been busy telling stories all over the country for the past three years. A seven time Moth slam champ, Sandi has been featured at the Boston Women's Comedy Festival and most recently on a new tv pilot for WGBH MassMouth. She can also be heard on a multitude of podcasts like RISK, HotMic, Yum's the Word and dozens more. Last year she debuted her solo show "You'll Be Sorry" with the Tank theater.

Robert Weinstein in an actor, writer, storyteller, and librarian. He studied acting, theater and improv at the University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS), Ecole Internationale du Theatre Jacques Lecoq (Paris, France), Kiklos Teatro (Padova, Italy) and The Magnet Theater (The Big Apple). His writing has been featured on Narratively.com, Readers Digest, The Cherry Picking Festival, and in one Houghton Mifflin textbook that he is still waiting for a copy of. He has also told stories in Whatever Happened to the Nerds, The Nights our Lives, Now You're Talking, The Moth and The Armando Diaz Experience. Robert lives in Brooklyn with his wife, daughter and two cats.