About the show

Pull Up a Chair is a storytelling show that puts the audience at the center of the action. The action: Four smart, talented and engaging Storytellers interview - and drink with - one smart, generous and thoughtful audience member on a topic of the audience member's choosing. (An idea they had, a problem they’ve encountered, a great thing they did, a transition they’re going through, or anything they wish to talk about.) This interview inspires each storyteller to spin a true story based on themes and ideas contained therein.

  • Mel Dockery (The Moth Podcast, The Story Studio)
  • Tracey Segarra (Now You're Talking, National Storytelling Network)
  • Adam Wade (The Adam Wade From NH Show, Adam Wade: The Human Comedy)
  • Robert Weinstein (The Moth Radio Hour, The Armando Diaz Experience)


Last year’s inaugural StoryFest was a solid sold-out weekend. Curated by The PIT in tandem with international storyteller Harmon Leon (TALE, Big Fat Racist Show), StoryFest is a three-day festival that celebrates the very best of the NYC storytelling scene.

StoryFest aims to spotlight the wide variety of themed shows that dot the New York landscape - and trumpet what's best about our storytelling scene.