About the show

VHS Presents is a storytelling show where we travel back to yesterday, when the comedians and storytellers of tomorrow were busy trying to get attention today. In this show some of NYC’s finest performers show the videos they made in their embarrassing youth and tell the stories of their previous self that made that video.

  • Angel Yau (SoloCom)
  • David Lawson (Flyer Guy)
  • Elann Danziger (Lost and Rewound)
  • Vanessa Golembewski (NBC's Harry) 
  • Camille Theobald (MTV)


Last year’s inaugural StoryFest was a solid sold-out weekend. Curated by The PIT in tandem with international storyteller Harmon Leon (TALE, Big Fat Racist Show), StoryFest is a three-day festival that celebrates the very best of the NYC storytelling scene.

StoryFest aims to spotlight the wide variety of themed shows that dot the New York landscape - and trumpet what's best about our storytelling scene.