About the show

She Makes Me Laugh was started in 2016 for women and by women, providing a platform for the funniest female performers in comedy to have their voices heard. The first She Makes Me Laugh show took place in a yoga/dance studio in Murray Hill. There was pizza and wine, and the event was a huge success — more than we ever imagined it to be. The show has only grown since its inception, taking place every month at the People Improv Theater's main stage, and has been featured in The New York Times, Time Out NY, and The Skint, among other publications.

As the show has provided countless hours of stage time for funny women that we admire and champion, it's now taken on a life of its own within the comedy community. This fall, the producers of She Makes Me Laugh are putting on the very first She Makes Me Laugh Femme Fest, which will take place over 12 hours on two stages at the Peoples Improv Theater and featuring comedians, storytellers, characters, improvisers, and more.

Featuring: Soapsy, Meg Pickarski, Katie Talay, Cin Cin Boisson, Heavy Cream, Julie Rosing, Blair Dawson, and Elizabeth Yuko!