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Evan Kaufman - Michael Jordan McDonald - Is it possible that on some spectral timeline Michael Jordan and Michael McDonald are actually one person? One person, who won six NBA Champions and three Grammy awards? And is he going to be playing a concert of his greatest hits? Does such a universe exist? Yes. And you're living in it, baby.

This isn't The Reggie Steve Miller Band. It's not Steely Dan Majerle. It's not even Hakeem Olajuwon-Direction.

This is Michael F**kin Jordan McDonald.

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Austin Sanders - VH1 Storytellers presents Declan Saturn and the Action - Part live concert series, part confessional, VH1 Storytellers presents your favorite artists playing the hits and telling the stories behind them. In its latest entry, Storytellers presents the final performance of artist, mystic, copycat, and former Operating Thetan Declan Saturn.

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