About the show

Jamie had a baby. People ask her “how’s it going?” and she’s tired of saying “great!” Everyone lied to her about birth and beyond, so here’s the raw truth. After this show, people may now ask “is she ok?” Whether you have a kid, are thinking about having one, or can’t even keep a plant alive, it’s vital you attend.


New York Times: "Jamie Aderski hits some of the same near-suicidal points, describing in clinical detail the wreckage pregnancy makes of her body (she even uses visual aids). The show has the feel of real talk from a friend,"

Parade: “What resulted is her funny and heartfelt solo show.”

Time Out New York (Critics’ Pick): “She faces the grim truths about maternity that nobody wants to talk about with joyous aplomb and plenty of laughs along the way.” 

AFAR Local: “...there’s no excuse to miss this raw and hysterical portrayal of parenthood that’s just as appropriate for those who have kids at home as for those who intend never to procreate.” 

The Broadway Blog: “Motherhood is no f-ing joke. And comic Jamie Aderski will be the first to agree with me on that … At its best, though, Aderski’s piece is personal and honest, which does strike a humorous chord, as so many of the hardest things in life can be if you just take a step back and see the funny through the pain.” 

Comedy Cake: “In Aderski’s long-running one-woman comedy show the audience gets the raw and wriggly facts about birth and beyond. Yes, the childless are invited to this eye-opening and hilarious show, and so is everyone else. Check out one of the upcoming shows and expand your mind (and maybe your belly).”

Mesh Better:“Jamie Aderski gives you the real deal on having a baby: sometimes it sucks. This Time Out New York-recommended show promises a trip down motherhood lane that delivers big on laughs while not sparing anyone the pain we don’t usually get to hear about in those perfect Facebook albums.” 

Best New York Comedy: “... experience a superb solo show by Jamie Aderski that provides exceptionally honest and funny tales of what it was like for Jamie to become a mom”

High Regard Show: “In her show (and our interview), Jamie gives a refreshingly eye-opening look into the reality and truths of motherhood, the lies she was told about it and how it’s not all Instagram-worthy. She’ll tell you what to expect when you’re expecting and the good, the bad and the poopy.”

Directed by Chris Roberti


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