About the show

Each year thousands of people submit to be a writer on Saturday Night Live but only a few are offered the job. Giancarlo Mariutto and Sean Reidy WERE NOT ONE OF THESE FEW.

Come see them turn tragedy into triumph with NYC's best sketch comedians bringing their denied dreams back to life!

Written & hosted by

  • Sean Reidy
  • Giancarlo Mariutto


  • Gary DeNoia
  • Vicki Hanes
  • Laura Hankin
  • Josh Hurley
  • Tim Mele
  • Sami Schwaeber

With musical guest: Keith Panzarella

Directed by: Jeff Mondoro

More Dates
Denied from New York Fri 4/13/18 9:00pm   Underground On E 24th
Denied from New York Fri 6/8/18 9:00pm   Underground On E 24th