About the show

National Scandal is on an express train to Shame Town. This is the true story of 13 strangers ... but 3 died ...so now we’re 10 ... who were picked to live on a sketch team ... work together and have our lives ruined ... our director made us cut all ties with our loved ones so we could be in this weird comedy cult family ... seriously, help us ... to find out what happens when comedians stop being absurd and start being chairs.

National Scandal is Pat Byrne, Melissa Surach, Jonathan Desley, Casey Cancellieri, Joanna Hausmann, Jenifer Bloodsworth, Stephen McCarthy, Peter Zuorick, Gabe Capone and Sarah Nowak.

Directed by motherf*cking Holden McNeely (Murderfist)

For more information, please visit facebook.com/nationalscandal

More Dates
National Scandal Fri 9/11/15 7:00p   Underground On E 24th
National Scandal Fri 11/13/15 7:00p   Underground On E 24th
National Scandal Fri 12/11/15 7:00p   Underground On E 24th