About the show

POP ROULETTE's one-of-a-kind brand of musical sketch comedy is back!

If Sesame Street is for young children, and Nickelodeon’s All That is for teens, Pop Roulette is the sugar-coated equivalent for people in their 20s. Because if you read The New York Times or The Atlantic or Anything Else, you know that this generation of 20 something’s has problems, real problems no one else has experienced ever. Pop Roulette seeks to create an unsentimental, comedic yet critical satire about our own generation. The media says that we’re entitled, our parents pay our rent, we all went to Art School, we YOLO and we Lena Dunham. So let’s SING about it!

Pop Roulette is: Sudi Green, David Mizzoni, Matt Rogers, Amanda Shechtman, Tessa Skara, Douglas Widick, Rachel Wenitsky and Bowen Yang

Directed by Matt Rogers

For more information, please visit: @poproulette facebook.com/poproulette