About the show

RISK! is the show where people tell true stories they never thought they'd dare to share in public stories they'd normally tell close friends.

In New York and Los Angeles, the brightest stars of TV, film and literature have dropped their usual act and shown a side of themselves we'd never seen at RISK!

Hosted by Kevin Allison (The State), RISK! is also a free audio podcast that gets hundreds of thousands of hits each month. Slate.com called RISK! "jaw-dropping, hysterically funny, and just plain touching." Come to The PIT to see why!

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RISK! Thu 9/24/15 9:30p   Striker on E 24th
RISK! Thu 10/22/15 9:30p   Striker on E 24th
RISK! Thu 11/19/15 9:30p   Striker on E 24th
RISK! Thu 12/17/15 9:30p   Striker on E 24th