About the show


Comedians Anna Roisman and Katie Haller bring storytelling and song parodies together for "You Probably Think This Song Is About You."

Each month some of New York's funniest storytellers perform stories based on a theme. Anna and Katie will already know these stories; in fact, they will have already transformed some of them into song parodies. At the end of each show, two performers leave with a song that is DEFINITELY about them.

Will it be an emotional ballad? Or a gangsta rap? Between Anna's powerful pipes and Katie's ridiculous rhymes, these two can do can do it all. Of course, the performers will secretly be hoping their story is chosen, because let's be honest, we're all a little vain.

Anna and Katie go all the way back to Harriton High School where not only were they on the girls tennis team together, but HONORS concert choir (not to brag), and the Harriton Theater Company as well. Plus, their poodles are cousins. After growing up in Philly ... ok fine ... the suburbs of Philly ... these two have some mad funny stories (and cheesesteaks) to share. No, seriously, they're bringing cheesesteaks to the show. City of Sisterly Love, represent.

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