Saturday 10/23 9:00 pm

Presented by comedian/visual artisté Symin Adive, “A Pretentious Evening Of Arte” features a screening of her solo sketch comedy special, “Art Thou An Artisté? Yes, I Arted.” followed by “Caricatures & Connections” where every audience member will receive a caricature of themselves either live onstage during an improvised interview or offstage. Either way they will be met with the deep and penetrating questions of a world class caricature artisté. Join us won’t you for a night of profound truths and elegant chuckles.

In “Art Thou,” Symin showcases various artists that are definitely not all her in different wigs.  The artists discuss what else but themselves and also their art, which is an extension of themselves! Speaking of talking about themselves…Symin is a headline writer for The Onion, a designer/illustrator/art director/hyphenate hoarder extraordinaire, and a self-anointed Luxury Comedian™. Will Symin have an existential meltdown about the inextricable meld of art and capitalism? Most definitely. Nevertheless, she is excited to present this 98% solo sketch comedy show that she has lovingly written/directed/performed/edited/produced/catered within a span of two months.

And she’s even more excited to draw a live caricature of you, the audience member! Join us for a night of profound truths and elegant chuckles.