Monday 7/6 – Monday 7/27



$99 for Students, $39 for Auditors

For the next month we will work on taking your improvisation to the next level. In addition, we will explore The LeRonde as the opening for a mono-scene. Great for use in remote improv shows and your all around performance game.

*If you are not interested in participating but still want to sit in and observe the class- register to be an Auditor! Auditors will have their video and audio turned off during class.

Calendar for Advanced Improv: The Mono Scene 7/6



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Chris was a regular host for TV Land’s “Prime Movies” and has made appearances on NBC’s “Blacklist”, Bravo, IFC, E Television, Hulu, Netflix, Starz and The Discovery Channel.  He also was selected to represent New York on the TV show “World Cup Comedy” produced by Kelsey Grammar.

Chris has been featured in the feature films “The Co-Exist Comedy tour,” “Twenty Million People” “The Best Man” and “Generation Iron 2”.

He’s a regular standup around New York and you can catch him on Saturday nights at 8pm with the Pit’s longest running house team The Baldwins.

Listen below to hear more about Chris’ teaching style and improv philosophy, and learn more about The PIT in his discussion with PIT Founder Ali Farahnakian.