About the class

Let’s make some characters.  PIT Faculty member Dana Shulman will guide you through some character exercises and then we will put those characters to the test through scene work.  This is a great place to work on a character you’ve been thinking about and it’s also a great place to create a new character you never knew existed within you.  

Dana Shulman

Dana is a performer, teacher, coach, and ridiculous distance runner.  She is originally from Framingham, Massachusetts and is currently in a long term relationship with Washington Heights.  Dana performs weekly with her improv loves Student Driver at one of The PIT’s longest running shows Indie Road on Sundays at 7PM in The Underground.  Student Driver also celebrates indie improv by hosting The Indie-pendence Day Festival  every year on The Fourth of July.   You can see what happens when comedy and marathon running collide at her Instagram @followthatfannypack or you can check out her performance schedule on her website.  www.danashulman.com