Monday 8/24 – Monday 9/14

2 hours


Learn how to connect to those faces in those squares on your computer screen! This class will take the principles of improv and gear them towards your work, and more specifically, Zoom-life. This class is great for beginners who want to be more comfortable in front of the camera. We’ll focus on presentation, team-building, and getting the most out of your virtual meetings. Learn how to create a supportive and collaborative environment and have fun doing it!


Length of class may vary based on amount of students enrolled. Up to teacher’s discretion.

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Mandy Schmieder

Mandy Schmieder

Connect to Your Co-workers

Mandy Schmieder is an actress, comedy writer, and improviser. She earned an M.F.A in Acting from UC-Irvine and has been performing regionally and in NYC for the past 8 years. Before her foray into improv, she portrayed such roles as Lady MacBeth, Medea, Helen Jones in Machinal, and other women who are killed or kill themselves. Comedy was the next logical step. She’s been performing improv weekly on a P.I.T. house team for over 5 years and currently performs with teams, Local 154, Sid Viscous!, Lucy, and Local News. She has taught improv, beginning acting, and coaches independent improv teams. She most recently wrote & starred in her first solo show which premiered in NYC & the Piccolo Fringe Festival in Chas., S.C. For additional film, theater, & commercial credits, please visit