Digital Workshop

$49.99 per person

Overcome the remote work isolation with a digital team building experience! Our experienced instructor will lead your team through 60 minutes of supportive, creative and fun improvisation exercises to bring teams together no matter the distance.

In a time of extreme uncertainty for many businesses we believe the power of Improv for team-building, optimism and playfulness is now more important than ever. Given the physical proximity issues we now face and how many employees are now working from home, this solution provides a 60 minute break in the monotony and a chance for your team to re-connect and revive!

What does this look like? One of our experienced improv instructors will guide your team through 60 minutes of creative, positive and fun team-building improv in a “virtual classroom” (ie. Zoom meeting!). Each participant will engage in the clearly explained exercises from the comfort of their own computers to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your team.

Once you register using the above link, Mac Gostow, Director of Business Partnerships, will follow-up with you to schedule your team’s session! You can email him at