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Kata Stevens

Kata Stevens



Kata Stevens is a sports and culture journalist and producer. For three seasons, she has served as the executive producer and host of the podcast Under Further Review, which covers sports from multiple angles through humorous conversations that peel back the curtain on figures and events that are propelling movements and changing the landscape. She is also an audio producer on the award-winning McClatchy Studios team, where she helps to build podcasts across the brand’s 30 newsrooms, and develop long-form, narrative series in partnership with large media conglomerates. Previously, Kata covered the Miami Dolphins for and New York Giants for Last Word on Sports, where she also served as a managing editor and culture columnist. She holds a Bachelors in Theatre (Fordham University), a Masters in Journalism (Columbia University), and when she’s not interviewing, editing, freelancing, or panicking, she enjoys the teen soaps of the late ‘90s and 2000s, observing bodies of water, game shows, and spoiling her dog. Her work can largely be found on her website,