Saturday 5/27 1:00 pm

$29+ Fees

Consider this class your primer into comedy!

Jump into the magical world of improvisation in this class for ages 13-16! Much like The PIT’s Level 1 course for adults, teen students will grow in confidence through monologues, short form improv games and long form improv sets. At the end of the course, students will leave with a toolkit of skills that will help them succeed on stage, in the classroom IRL &  On-line, and beyond! Great way to meet like minded humans in a fun and nurturing environment. “Yes, and…!” until you need to say “No, Thank You.” 

This class will dive into:

  • Improv
  • Improv to sketch
  • Character Development
  • Stand up
  • Acting (monologue)


Patrick is an actor/ improviser/ comedian who grew up in South Carolina, but now calls Brooklyn his home. He received his BA from the University of South Carolina and his MFA (acting) from The New School for Drama. On Wednesday nights Patrick can be seen performing on The PIT’s house team, The Community Players, as they improvise a community theatre production for a play that has never been written. It’s fun and funny. With his co-writer, developer, and dear friend (Dan Titmuss), Patrick wrote a 2 person 1 hour sci-fi adventure, Life’s Yearning, where all the parts are played by the two performers. When he isn’t performing or auditioning, Patrick hustles as an auctioneer who sells storage lockers for Auctioncheer. Just like Storage Wars! For more info about current projects and content, please check out: