Monday 5/3 6:00 pm

6pm-8pm EST



Improv Skills are essential for public speaking.
Being 100% prepared and 100% present are required if you want to leave your audience wanting more.
Whether you are looking to tell a story, educate, or entertain, going “off script” is fun for you and builds trust with your audience.
Improv teaches you how to be a master of going off-script.
In this course you’ll learn:
The basics of improv.
The three ways to set up any presentation.
How to actively engage your audience.
How to effectively handle Q&A.
And more!

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Taren Sterry

Taren Sterry

Life Skills

Taren Sterry, PCC, is an Executive Coach and Founder of Big Time Coaching.

She’s been teaching and performing improv at the People’s Improv Theater for 15 years and specializes in bringing improv skills to business leadership.

Taren is also available for Private 1:1 sessions for Public Speaking and Life & Career coaching. Please email for more info.