Wednesday 5/5 6:00 pm

Are you an executive or entrepreneur leading lots of Zoom meetings? 

Are you struggling with keep it focused, engaged and fun? 


Let’s face it, some of the Zooms we are on these days are just plain awful!


People reading from a script, going over the time limit–participants multitasking, going off camera or just checking out. All of this is downright painful when you’re the facilitator or presenter.


Effective Zoomers know that managing the energy of the meeting impacts credibility, engagement and performance.


Leading better Zoom Meetings isn’t as hard as you think!! 


In this FREE class you’ll learn how to: 

Use YES, AND of improv to engage your audience.

Leave your audience wanting MORE meetings with you. 


Taren will also answer your questions to your toughest Zoom challenges. 



Taren Sterry

Taren Sterry

Life Skills

Taren Sterry, PCC, is an Executive Coach and Founder of Big Time Coaching.

She’s been teaching and performing improv at the People’s Improv Theater for 15 years and specializes in bringing improv skills to business leadership.

Taren is also available for Private 1:1 sessions for Public Speaking and Life & Career coaching. Please email for more info.