Tuesday 6/6 – Tuesday 6/20




Late Night TV-Style Writing Workshop – Monologue Jokes and Desk Bits

In this three week crash course, students will learn to write two of the most common types of comedy featured in late-night TV shows – monologue jokes and desk bits! Outside of this workshop, students will spend time outside of class working on these forms and receive feedback on their assignments from a collaborative writers room under the guidance of a PIT Instructor. 

Late Night-Style Writing Workshop, Online - Mike Brian Fogarty

Calendar for Late Night-Style Writing [ONLINE]


Mike Brian Fogarty is a comedy writer, director, performer, and producer based in New York City.  He is the founding member and executive producer of the sketch comedy show Backdoor Barbecue, one of the PIT’s longest running sketch comedy shows, where he also hosts and writes the show’s recurring comedy news segment News in Review.

Since beginning his comedy career in 2014, Mike has been a writer, performer, and director on Old School Sketch Show, a member of the PIT Sketch House team RunDMV, the co-host/head writer of the late-night style talk show At the Moment, and has had his shows and writing featured on The Second City Network, NYC Sketchfest, and more!

Mike has studied sketch comedy, late-night and sitcom TV writing, satire, and comedy performance at The Second City as well as sketch comedy and long-form improvisation at the Peoples Improv Theater and the Upright Citizens Brigade.

He loves writing comedy that is collaborative, fast and fun, knows how to make an exceptionally passable french onion soup, and is a CPA who absolutely cannot do your taxes (trust me – neither of us want that)!