Sunday 12/20 – Wednesday 1/13

7pm-9pm EST

Remote Level 2 Improv


In level 3 you will continue to focus on strong listening and reacting without interrupting your scene partner. Making sure “the beginning  of your sentence doesn’t get in the way of the middle of theirs”. You will reinforce saying “Yes, and…!” Until you have to say “no thank you”. Work on the first-second and third beats of two person scenes as well as continuing to focus on editing by following your foot connected to your gut and heart to edit scenes at the height. Learn how to “heighten and tighten” a scene organically glued in reality to create “win-win” fun scenes to play to entertain yourself and others while “treating your partner like a genius”.

Calendar for Level 3 Improv, 12/20



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Chris Griggs

Chris Griggs

Improv, Stand Up

Chris was a regular host for TV Land’s “Prime Movies” and has made appearances on NBC’s “Blacklist”, Bravo, IFC, E Television, Hulu, Netflix, Starz and The Discovery Channel.  He also was selected to represent New York on the TV show “World Cup Comedy” produced by Kelsey Grammar.

Chris has been featured in the feature films “The Co-Exist Comedy tour,” “Twenty Million People” “The Best Man” and “Generation Iron 2”.

He’s a regular standup around New York and you can catch him on Saturday nights at 8pm with the Pit’s longest running house team The Baldwins.


Listen below to hear more about Chris’ teaching style and improv philosophy, and learn more about The PIT in his discussion with PIT Founder Ali Farahnakian.