Level 3 Improv | February 16th | Marcus Bishop-Wright

About the class

This class will help students to use their knowledge of the IMPROV YOUR LIFE™ philosophy as applied to scenework to create a fully-formed improvised show. Students will focus on developing stronger relationships between characters, using walk-ons and tag-outs to enrich the funny, pacing through editing, heightening scenes, three-beat structure, and making connections between scenes. Students will leave this level understanding how to perform a standard long form structure.

Marcus Bishop-Wright

Marcus Bishop-Wright knows this is ridiculous.

He’s spent the majority of his adult life trying to figure out a way to make a living playing pretend – the very concept of which is asinine. Be it passion, or addiction, Marcus has been acting since the 80s, improvising since the 90s, and teaching since the 00s. All of this is so juvenile, though. I mean I guess he justifies it by burying himself in a community of like-minded case studies in insecurity.

That’s not a judgment, though – really. He loves doing it, so he’s genuine, if not infuriating. But listing the myriad of famous and famous-ish people with whom he’s studied or worked, or listing the times he’s been on TV; it just all seems excessive for a guy who likes being silly so much, he takes it way too seriously.

I mean, look at this bio! He/I wrote it – me/him. He is so invested in this junk, that he wrote this in the third person, so as to keep with the traditional format of the talent bio, and therefore hopefully not seem like some too-cool-for-school, d-bag.

He blew it.

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