Thursday 10/1 – Thursday 10/15

1 Hour


$60 for students, $30 for auditors

Put your project on its feet! Learn tips and tricks necessary for your production to succeed and flourish online. Hosted by Socially Distant Improv live producer Tom Kalnas.

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Tom Kalnas

Tom Kalnas

Film/TV/Streaming, Producing

Tom specializes in workplace gossip. His qualifications include: 1 high school diploma, 2 bachelors degrees (William & Mary), 3 years in Manhattan, 4 years of improv, 5 toes on each foot, 6 former restaurant jobs, and 7 samurai. He loves theater marketing & producing indie comedy. He loves theater & theatre. He’s from Pittsburgh. @tomkalnasty

Tom is also available for private 1:1 Tech Consultations for Live-streaming & coaching for Adobe Premiere Pro! Please email for more info.