Saturday 3/11

See two teams battle it out for a spot in our March Madness Improv Tournament! In round 1 they will show us their unique style. In round 2 they will try to rise to meet a specific improv challenge. Then YOU, the audience, will decide their fate in the tournament and declare a winner! LET THE IMPROV MADNESS BEGIN!! 

Qualifier Schedule:

Qualifier #1-SAT Jan 21st @7pm: Help Me I’m Drowning **Winner VS Used Goods

Qualifier #2-SAT Jan 21st @8:30pm: About Time **Winner VS Princess Bleach

Qualifier #3-SAT Jan 28th @7pm: Battle Scrabble VS Phone Tag **Winner

Qualifier #4-SAT Jan 28th @8:30pm: Baby Bumper Cars **Winner VS Slim Pigeons

Qualifier #5-SAT Feb 4th @7pm: Code Name: Calamari **Winner VS Mosh Squad

Qualifier #6-SAT Feb 4th @8:30pm: If You Wanted Me to Write… **Winner VS Sunny & Mike Hour

Qualifier #7-SAT Feb 11th @7pm: Double D VS Sean & Drew **Winner

Qualifier #8-SAT Feb 11th @8:30pm: Emails From Hawaii **Winner VS Space Station Awesome

Qualifier #9-SAT Feb 18th @7pm: Jonkers** Winner VS Carney & Cruz

Qualifier #10-SAT Feb 18th @8:30pm: Candle & Lantern**Winner VS Team Madonna

Qualifier #11-SAT 2/25 @7pm: Loser Boy**Winner VS South Paw

Qualifier #12-SAT 2/25 @8:30pm: Soup of the Day VS Bjjorks**Winner

Qualifier #13-SAT 3/4 @7pm: Not Your Average Slumber Party**Winner VS Team of Dream

Qualifier #14-SAT 3/4 @8:30pm: Tiny Idea VS Table For Three**Winner

Qualifier #15-SAT 3/11 @7pm: Bizzo VS Skip Intro

Qualifier #16-SAT 3/11 @8:30pm: Choking Hazard VS Jericho