Friday 6/4 6:00 pm

NYC Solocom 2021: Palumbo | Word | Quinn | Dorse

The Peoples Improv Theater proudly announces the return of NYC Solocom, livestreaming Thursday, June 3rd – Sunday, June 6th. NYC Solocom has launched over 400 new solo comedies that have gone on to longer runs, tours and festivals around the world (including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.) 


NYC Solocom is a festival of new solo work. All shows presented are 75% – 100% new material, and are created specifically for the festival. NYC Solocom’s goal is to push artists to create a show that is meaningful, personal and to follow the fear.


Enjoy these daring, original solo performances from the comfort of your own home, via the PIT livestreams on Youtube Live. 


6pm EST – Nikki Palumbo: “Dear Angelina”

For one closeted lesbian, puberty meant watching Lara Croft: Tomb Raider a hundred times at the impressionable and horny age of 12. This is a very normal, very regular, no-need-to-get-lawyers-involved love letter to Angelina Jolie.


6:35pm EST – Evan Word: “Woke Reboot” 

A down on his luck actor finds opportunity when Hollywood feigns to end racism by casting black actors into parts written for white people. Nothing can go wrong. Right?


7pm EST – Kerri Quinn: “The Shamona Show” 

Southern belle, Shamona, moved to the Big Apple to become a star. Not even a pandemic can stop Shamona from sharing her talent (and wisdom) with anyone, including Alexa, who will listen.


7:20pm EST – Graceann Dorse: “Farty of One” 

Feeling lost and alone? Do you long for intimacy in this age of Zoom everything? Are you bloated and gassy? Let Dr. Schvartz help you regain some human connection through her unique system of “Heart through Schvart”. Get ready to rip! 


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Tickets are only $4.99 until May 31st! 


Festival passes available. Passholders will gain access to all twelve NYC Solocom show blocks.