Wednesday 3/29 – Wednesday 6/28

An innovative audio-infused improv show featuring live sound design, games, and scenes. Everything in the show is inspired by voicemails from our listeners. Some of whom call and tell us what we want to hear and others who tell us things very far from it… We stylize those listener voicemails into radio-themed audio prompts which are played live for our improvisers who immediately create scenes that are unpredictable, unrehearseable, and unscriptedable!
Wanna leave us a message and have YOUR voicemail be part of our show?
Call (313) 314-1599
Leave us a voicemail telling us your name, hometown, and a minute or less of whatever’s on your mind… within reason. We love to hear anything from short anecdotes, a dream you had, a goal you’re working toward, something that fascinates you, epiphanies and realizations, or even specific idea of a scene you want us to improvise… our lines are open CALL NOW!

Calendar for Sounds Funny Radio LIVE!


The PIT Loft

154 W. 29th St., New York, NY, 10001