Monday 1/3 – Tuesday 2/8


Ten minutes of solid stand up can help you get booked on other people’s shows and potentially be an opener for two other comics as you host a show. This class is perfect for those who have completed Levels 2 or 3 and/or comedians who have multiple years of experience performing stand up.

Calendar for Level 4 Stand Up


Comedian and Staff Writer for Comedy Central’s The Graham Norton Effect
Nicole Korkolis is a stand-up comedian and television writer living in New York City. A comedian for
more than 20 years, she has performed several hit shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The
Scotsman’s Kate Copstick called her show, “hard-hitting, fun, well-observed, edgy, clever material
from a smart, sassy, memorable comic. She has some outstanding lines and she delivers like the
Pony Express…I hope she comes back next year.” Copstick continued to say she wished there were
more British comedians with that kind of firepower!

Nicole was handpicked by Graham Norton to be a staff writer for his U.S. show, The Graham Norton
Effect on Comedy Central. Norton says of Nicole, “she has the face of an angel, and the mind of a
very wrong person. She’s so funny, I forgot about my erectile dysfunction.”

She has also appeared on the television show, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch on CNBC, National
Lampoon Television and has hosted The Club on Sirius Satellite Radio. Nicole is a regular at New York
City clubs such as West Side Comedy Club, Dangerfield’s, Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy
Club and others across the United States, and has performed throughout the world, including Hong
Kong and the United Kingdom. She’s also appeared on countless talk radio shows and was featured
in the comedy documentary Edinburgh or Bust. She has studied and performed improvisation with
the prestigious Upright Citizens Brigade in New York.