Thursday 4/13 – Thursday 5/18


In this clown class, leave all your wit and one-liners at home and dive into your innocence, tenderness, silliness and (most important!) stupid.

This 6 week course is simultaneously a coming to and an undoing- a coming to of one’s true comedic identity and the undoing of the performative behaviors society has placed on us all.

  • Body, breath, and voice work
  • Comedy in physicality 
  • Discovery of your clown
  • Ensemble building 
  • Exploring vulnerability 
  • Releasing inhibitions to allow for free play
  • Leaning into the “stupid” and “silly”

Whether one is looking for a community of funny, a shiny new tool bag for show material, or just plain curious and a little skeptical- this course is for you. There is nothing to plan, just one thing to bring- and that is audacity!

PLEASE NOTE: you will need to purchase your clown nose for this class, ahead of the start date. 

What we suggest: Red, matte, or satin, silicone noses with a white or clear elastic strap.

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Emily is an actor, teacher, and improviser originally from Memphis, TN. She holds an MFA in Physical Theatre from Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy. It was there that she studied Commedia dell’arte, buffon, clowning, Grotowski method, and Italian men. She’s been a resident artist for physical theatre companies across Europe- some of which include Continuo Phyisical Theatre in Malovice, Czech Republic, Teatro C’art in Castelfiorentino, Italy and Familie Flöz out of Berlin. She’s worked across Italy teaching English and theatre through mediums of storytelling and gesture. Emily moved back to the states at the end of 2019- just in time to sit in quarantine in her tiny apartment for 6 months. You might have seen her on the PIT stage in Old School Sketch Show, Backdoor BBQ, and Unfinished Business. When she’s off stage you can catch her either shaking a martini for the finance bros off Park Ave or teaching hot yoga at Fierce Grace yoga studios. She values the courageous, encourages the funny, and looks for the stupid. And finally, she’s just happy to be here, y’all.