Thursday 12/17 6:00 pm

6pm-8pm EST


In this class we will explore and deconstruct audience suggestions. We’ll go over first, second, and third thought breakdowns and how to best apply them to scene work. So when someone suggests pineapple for the 3rd week in a row, you’ll always have something new to explore.

Calendar for The Suggestion: A Breakdown, 12/17



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Kihresha is an improviser and actor who hails from Cleveland. She has performed and studied at Florida Studio Theatre with FST Improv. She is currently performing with the indie team Last Team on the Left.

On stage Kihresha has recently performed new works with Tantrum Theater and Shakespeare in bars with Backroom Shakes here in NYC. Last but not least she is an occasional poet, amateur ukulele player, and an Adam Sandler enthusiast. To learn more and see what she up to next you can check out her Instagram @redefinedby_k.