Thursday 7/18 9:00 pm

You are cordially invited to the inaugural YAP Sketch Revue! After a lengthy television competition series, 3 of New York’s finest up and coming teams have earned their right to grace the PIT’s famous 29th st stage: Dirty Ralph, Your Awkward Crush and 11th Grade Show Choir. There will be improv, there will be sketch, there will be singing and dancing and, in all likelihood, a few tears. You won’t want to miss the inaugural YAP Sketch Revue!


Hosts: Dan Bevan, Charles Rivkin
Dirty Ralph: Linda Eliasen, Alexander Richards
Your Awkward Crush: Obi O’Brien, Jack Logan, Steve Warren, Connor Noch, Douglas Wright, Laura Lynn, Camillo Stone, Graham McClanahan
11th Grade Show Choir: Annie Moretto, Bibek Gurung, Allison Love, Brandon Seidman, Simon Pepa
Tech: Slaney Rose Jordan