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PIT Comedy School – Feedback

Congratulations on completing your PIT class! In order for us to continually improve our class offerings, we ask that you kindly fill out our Class Evaluation Form within 48 hours of completing your class. This is necessary in order to take more classes at The PIT.

Please select your class from the following options:


IMPROV: Level 0 The Joy of Improv 

IMPROV: Levels 1-5 Core Curriculum

ELECTIVES: Storytelling, Acting for Sketch, Musical Improv, etc. 

FLYING SOLO: Solo Show Performance



ELECTIVES: Blogologues, ShowBUSINESS, Find Your Comedy Mission 



SKETCH WRITING: Levels 1-3 Core Curriculum

WRITING ELECTIVES: Late Night Comedy Workshop, Writing for SNL, Political Comedy, etc.



PRODUCTION ELECTIVES: Video Production, Intro to Comedy Directing, etc.