Jams & Open-mics

Have you ever wanted to perform at the PIT? Well here’s your chance! No experience is necessary to attend a jam or open-mic!

Jams and Open-mics are $3 for Pitizens, and $5 for Citizens (cash only, pricing is for both audience and participants). There is no online registration. Simply show up! 


11:00p – Base Jam Improv JamThe PIT Underground hosted by Neetol Rahman and Matt Hammond.

11:00p – Power Exchange Open MicThe PIT Striker hosted by John Field.


6:00pm – Lady Jam The PIT Loft hosted by Blair Silverman. Calling all ladies! Have you ever wanted to get together with other fabulous funny ladies and make some magic? Well you’re in luck! Lady Jam is a safe place for women to come together and get their improv on. With special guest hosts from the Ladies of the PIT!

10:30pm – TAC: Slow Jam – The PIT Loft hosted by Ronny Pascale.

11:00p – Bring It! Stand Up Open MicThe PIT Striker hosted by Jay Welch.


6:00p – Recess Improv JamThe PIT Striker hosted by Anthony Velez.

11:00p – Improdome Improv JamThe PIT Striker

11:00p – Awkward High Five Stand Up Open MicThe PIT Underground hosted by Max Halpert. 


6:00p – Chance Encounters Improv JamThe PIT Loft hosted by Jon Monje, Glorillis Tavarez, Trumane Alston, and Julien Darmon. Chance Encounters Jam is a fun, supportive, energetic improv jam where a roll of the dice before each set determines the number of performers on stage.

6:30p – Ladies Night Open MicThe PIT Underground hosted by Sandy Chansemone and Becca Beberaggi. This is a mic dedicated to ladies ONLY performing stand up! Come see the future ladies of comedy work out their material.

10:30pm – TAC Improv JamThe PIT Loft hosted by Jon Blue and Bryan Packman. The Thursday After Class Jam is an opportunity to perform as a class, after class, and build chemistry with your class. Bring your teacher and he or she can perform with you. Don’t have a class on Thursday? Bring your class anyway and you can still jam together. Not in a class? Bring your indie team. Or just bring yourself, and we’ll put you in a group with other improvisers and PIT faculty members. Whoever you bring, you’ll get to fine-tune your improv skills and work on group dynamics all in a fun, supportive environments.


6:00p – Friday Night MicsThe PIT Loft hosted by Lex Morales.

6:30p – Happy Hour Improv JamThe PIT Underground hosted by Chris Griggs, Jon Blue, Clyde Woodham and more.


4:00p – Swing Rider’s Open MicThe PIT Loft hosted by Sandy Chansamone. The Swing Rider’s mic is dedicated to helping comics navigate the waters of stand up. Perform on a sunny Saturday with us! And if there’s time, we do a second round that is even funner than the first!

6:30p – Hip Hop Mixer – The PIT Underground hosted by Ray Morency and Richie Alfson. (*monthly – check our calendar!)


5:30p – 10k Jam Jam Improv JamThe PIT Underground

Love Improv but tired of those late night jam sessions? If you said, “YES! Dear God YES!” then come join us every Sunday at 5:30pm for the 10k JAM JAM! Hosted by a rotating team from the 10,000 Hours roster.

10,000 Hours designed was for improv students of all levels, to build their improv skills without breaking their budget. For more information about how to be a part of 10,000 Hours, please contact Michelle Thomas at improv10000hrs@gmail.com.

9:30p – Amateur Night at the Gemini – The PIT Underground hosted by Will Neville.