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NYC ImprovFest: Improv Festivale 2020

 Due to the COVID-19 Situation in NYC, the Festivale has been postponed. Join our mailing list to stay up to date!



The Peoples Improv Theater is proud to announce NYC Improvfest 2020, running Friday, March 20th and Saturday, March 21st.

Now in its 9th year, NYC Improvfest celebrates the best and brightest of the NYC improv community, and also invites improvisers from around the world to come perform and learn at one of the most senior improv institutions in NYC. Two straight days of the best improv this city has to offer, all at the PIT.

This spring, step right up and explore the amusing spectacle that is improv comedy at Improv Festivale!


Striker Stage
123 E 24th St (b/t Park and Lex)
6:00pm Improv Festivale Kickoff!
7:00pm The PIT Staff
8:00pm Yeti Punch
9:00pm French Bull/Barnaby Thatcher
11:00pm Improv Festivale Mix ‘Em Up!


Striker Stage
123 E 24th St (b/t Park and Lex)
6:00pm Bingewatch/Freeze Frame
7:00pm The Party/Sugarfoot/House Plant
9:00pm The PIT Plays Dungeons and Dragons
11:00pm Tinderella
Underground Stage
123 E 24th St (b/t Park and Lex)
6:00pm Boss Baby/Emotionally Unemployable
7:00pm The PIT Faculty
8:00pm Lynn & Andrew/Free POC
9:30pm Attractive Nuisance/Awkward Family Dinner
11:00pm New Food/Seem Busy for Now
12:00am BIT BLAST!
The PIT Loft
154 W 29th St (b/t 6th and 7th)
6:00pm The Complex/Townies
7:00pm Too Many Babies/Exploding Fruit
8:00pm Stroopwafel/Soul Patch
9:00pm Two Jokers in Every Deck/Princess Bleach
10:00pm Diagnosis:Improv/Hobby Lobby Baby Hammer
11:00pm Ross Childs/Sweaty Dee

SATURDAY, March 21

Striker Stage
123 E 24th St (b/t Park and Lex)
2:00pm Seattle Spaceman/Don’t Laugh At Us
3:00pm PB&J/The Little Crew
4:00pm Store Bought/Shewitt
6:00pm Magical World of Musical Improv
7:00pm Squall!/Rendezvous
8:00pm The Baldwins
9:30pm North Coast
11:00pm North Coast 11th Anniversay Party
Underground Stage
123 E 24th St (b/t Park and Lex)
2:30pm Sgt. Zeppole’s Solo Heart Club Band/Extra Chowder
3:30pm DUH!/Last Team on the Left
4:30pm Reputable Source/Your Favorite Ex Girlfriends
5:30pm Best Betches/100 Duck-Sized Horses
6:30pm Crisis/The Breakup Show
7:30pm CPT: Comedy People’s Time
8:30pm Centralia
9:30pm Joe and Pat
10:30pm Transmissions from Nowhere/Batteries Not Included
The PIT Loft
154 W 29th St (b/t 6th and 7th)
2:00pm The Addams Parody
3:00pm Young Retirees/Scooter Practice
4:00pm The Penthouse Basements/Voila/Poor Darlings
6:00pm Skyrats/Cute!
7:00pm Megahit/Masterminds
8:00pm Mommy Dearest & Me/Brunchtown
9:00pm Loser Boy/Mr. Bear
10:30pm Motherboard 2000/Improvfessionals
11:30pm Sweetheart/Glitter Puppies