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Lorraine Cink

Lorraine Cink is an actor-writer-director from Bakersfield, CA. Lorraine has studied at The PIT, UCB, The Magnet and Second City and holds degrees in Theatre from Philadelphia Univ. of the Arts and
Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts. Currently, she performs with the improv teams: Borealis (PIT), Hello (PIT), Rosencrantz (Magnet), Baby Wants Candy TourCo, 10£ Ally, and the sketch teams Philo’s Folly (PIT), Sean and Lorraine, and vlogs with Girls Side Rules. Favorite roles include: Belle in A Christmas Carol (Geva Theater), Evangeline in One (Insight Out), Mother in 365 Day/Plays (Salt & The Public), Philomele in Love of the Nightingale (PCPA), Amy in Promiscuous (Manhattan Rep), Linda Shaw in Stage Door (FAPC), Phyllis Dale in 42nd Street (PCPA). This past fall her play Emilia’s Wish, produced by Milk Can Theatre Co., was nominated for an Innovative Theatre Award which made her mother very happy. Lorraine has a dog named Robot for whom she is eternally thankful.