What past clients have said about our programs and workshops:

“I have known and worked with Ali Farahnakian [owner/founder of The PIT] for eight years, most recently, here at Saturday Night Live. I find him to be a responsible and incredibly talented person.”

Tina Fey, Head Writer, Saturday Night Live

“I highly recommend this workshop. It not only helped our staff learn valuable lessons they can apply everyday, they felt great about the company for including them in such a fun experience. The passion the teacher exuded was contagious, the laughs endless, and the experience unforgettable. The class exceeded my expectations in every way.”

Tami Roadarmel, Advertising Director, New York Press

“Your training led to prominent changes in the mindset of our fast growing organization.”

Christopher Mumford, CFO/CCO, Baby Care, Ltd.

“The staff from The PIT were personable, professional and effective in guiding our staff through exercises that were creative, challenging and fun. We appreciate the generosity The PIT extended to our organization, and would highly recommend their workshop to other organizations or corporations.”

Jeanne Dennis, Executive Director, Visiting Nurse Services of New York

“It was a huge success!”

William McNulty, First Vice President, Morgan Stanley

“We were pleasantly surprised to find normally shy members actively participating and shining on stage. The workshop is a nurturing experience that builds trust and respect and was an invaluable experience for our members.”

Maureen Brophy, Program Coordinator, The Mental Health Association of Westchester

“We were very pleased with the workshop and thought our instructor was great. We really enjoyed the training, and I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues and other firms. Thanks for making it so simple and enjoyable.”

Nancy Keane, Capital Markets Technology, Royal Bank of Canada

“The feedback from students was excellent! This was a great way to kick off the semester. Students felt that the ice was broken, they got to know one another better and learned a new way of communicating. I was very happy with the quality of teachers.”

Jennifer Baron, Cohort Leadership Project Coordinator, Stern Business School, New York University