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Dana Shulman

Dana Shulman is an actor, improviser, teacher, coach, and crazy distance runner originally from Boston and currently living in Washington Heights. She plays with PIT house team Montgomery and indie team Student Driver (founded in 2010).  Student Driver can be seen every Sunday at 6PM at Indie Road, one of the longest running shows at The PIT, and they are also the hosts of The Indie-Pendence Day Festival on The Fourth of July (since 2011).  Dana can be see performing with many other shows including The Campaign and with the character duo Ouiser and Clairee.  You can also check out her funny running related page Follow That Fanny Pack (@followthatfannypack on Instagram), but be careful if you tell her you’re interested in running because she will in fact make you run.

Dana loves being a part of the wonderful PIT community a whole bunch.

Upcoming Shows
SFM: The Murder Police and Montgomery  May 14 – 28   9:00pm
Upcoming Classes
Level 0: Joy Of Improv | June 2 | Dana Shulman  Jun 2 – 23
Level 1: Improv | June 14 | Dana Shulman  Jun 14 – Aug 2
Level 0: Joy Of Improv | April 28 | Dana Shulman  Apr 28, 2018 – May 26, 2018
Level 2: Improv | April 28 | Dana Shulman  4/28-6/23 (Skips 5/19)
Level 1: Improv – Dana Shulman – 4/5  Apr 5, 2018 – May 31, 2018